Shea Butter Baby Lotion


                                        BABY LOTION

This lotion will give complete skin care of baby.Because we are not using chemicals in baby products lotion because we are using natural herbs which will enhance the health and beauty of skin

Ingredients of baby products lotion :-

  • Shea Butter, Almond Oil,Sesame Seeds Oil,Beeswax,Aqua,Preservative
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                            BABY LOTION

This lotion will give complete  Baby Products lotion shea butter. Because we are not using chemicals in products so we are using natural herbs which will enhance the health and Natural beauty of baby skin.

It will provide complete safety of any skin problem, because it is pure and safe and prepared from herbs.

“No Fragrance Super Sensitive Everyday Lotion.”

Our Natural Baby Lotion is a toxic-free, Sls free, paraben free combination of Organic Shea Butter, because  natural baby skin care products are safe.

Keep your baby’s skin healthy with natural products without any side effects,because Our baby lotion contains only natural and organic ingredients and so is particularly suitable for  babies and children with sensitive skin.

Smooth lotion on baby’s skin after bath or any time baby needs a kiss of moisture.  Perfect for a relaxing massage at nap-time.  Gentle enough for everyday use even on newborns.

our products is 100% natural  products because we are using natural ingredients so thats why our baby products for sensitive skin its home made products and 100 % safe products for all type of skin. so ,Shea butter is best lotion for all skin types.shea beauty  for  babies with sensitive helps mositurize newborn skin.Baby skin care products with natural ingredients for daily use, Use sparingly on tiny newborns.

Each infant is different, and so is their skin type. Select a moisturizer that will suit your baby’s skin. For instance, if your baby has an extra sensitive skin, then choose a natural herbal butter lotion without chemicals because baby have a sensitive skin which needs alot of care. Every product that is used for babies should be safe and soft on their skin. Baby lotions are important to retain the moisture in the baby’s skin and keep them soft. This  lotions can be used in any season and for any part of the body from head to toe.


Ingredients of baby products lotion :-

  • Shea butter,Almond oil,Sesame seeds oil,Geranium Essential oil,Beeswax,Emulsifying WaxAqua and preservative

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