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Saadia Gillani

I have been using Marjaan Botanicals since last year . Their products are gentle on the skin, scalp & hair. I have recently ordered more supplies. Highly recommended.

Irfana Mazhar

I am loving walnut shampoo..its so good.after a long time I find something true to its part you dont have to use conditioner after that which is a plus point in these winters☺.havnt used soaps yet.but I know that they would be best too..keep it up guys.please add oils to your collection too like avocado and jojoba.

Wara Haider

Used their deo and Asian shampoo bar with Shea conditioner and toothpaste all products were of great quality! Now using their walnut shampoo and safaida soap! Highly recommended!

Ayesha Tanvir

I have used their safaida soap and the charcoal foaming scrub and really liked it. Will be getting more IA !

Sana Kamran

Nice products ,very innovative,Great work👍.I love the shampoo bar especially.Really gives a great feel after every wash.Looking forward to trying more of your products in the near future,InshaAllah.😊

Saira Majid

I've used the deo, hair conditioner and safaida soap. Totally loved them. You guys have earned a loyal customer (Y) will try rest of the products soon IA.

Ali Tariq

Great initiative and best of luck, everyone should realize the importance of going herbal or natural in their every day routines like using shampoos, tooth paste and soap. Keep it up! You people are doing great favor to the masses. Also quick response and deliveries.

Nudrat Jaffar

I ordered face mask by Marjaan Botanicals, and trust me, it worked wonder. Even after first use i could feel and witness the miracle it did on my face. I am just amazed by face mask. Safaida soap is also fabulous, it makes my skin soft and smooth. Loving your products Marjaan Botanicals, keep up the good work and keep making people happy. Thank you so much for such great experience with your products.

Annu Malik

I ordered the charcoal scrub and safaida soap and I really like it keep it up marjaan botanicals I wish you good luck for your business and future

Navin Ahmed

Was considering going chemical free but having a very hard time finding 100% natural products in Pakistan..until I found Marjaan. I ordered their Almond Mint shampoo as well as Natural Deo (Lemon) and was WOWed!! The quality of both products was excellent and while my scalp and body took about 3 weeks to adapt, I could tell that both products were working. As a Yoga Teacher I have a very active lifestyle so I had to constantly reapply the deo but honestly knowing that I wasn't putting harmful chemicals in my body made this a negligible inconvenience especially since the scent and texture of the deo were wonderful. My scalp has also become less oily and my hair looks great!! I blindly recommend their products!!! To the team at Marjaan, keep it up

Zainab Shah

Salam all... I just wanted to share my experience of using your deodorant range. It is absolutely amazing, it doesn't dry out my skin and I love knowing that it is not harming me in any way either. I had been looking for a product that doesn't contain these aluminum compound that reportedly causes cancer and I did find that Garnier had one but I wanted the all natural approach so with a little skepticism, I tried the one you were offering. Though I do not have bad body odour Alhamdollilah but still humidity in Lahore can create panic at times 🙂 LOL But I have to share that not only does it have a pleasant and soft lemony odour, it feels great on my skin as well. So thank you jazakAllah khair. Best wishes!

Murtaza Hamayun Saeed

Toothpaste: I like the brown color as for me it is a mark of it's natural and unwhitened condition. I like the fact that it creates a lot of foam. I agree that a pea size is enough, more than that also is too much for the taste side of it. Although I'm open to it's natural taste I'm sure many people would still like some more sweet in it. I prefer it raw and am willing to experience anything that is real. I like the fact that I'm using miswak and hopefully reaping the benefit of miswak as in the sunnah. It's bound to pick up in niche dental clinics and perhaps that's where you need to push it so dentists start recommending you. I'm giving 5 stars because besides myself my father also likes your toothpaste. That's great because I've been wanting to get my parents switch to natural.