Who are We?

Marjaan, the Arabic word for the red coral gemstone derived from the deepest of oceans, is the epitome of organic purity.And why not when our Lord has Himself explained this amazing phenomenon in the

 Quran’Chap 55:22    يَخْرُجُ مِنْهُمَا اللُّؤْلُؤُ وَالْمَرْجَانُ

“Out of both seas comes out pearl and coral.”Indeed, nature is filled with pure things for us to benefit from. This is the idea behind Marjaan Botanicals. We are a micro enterprise that makes hair &skin care products by hand, with love – tested on friends and family!

We believe in a toxin free, holistic lifestyle. All our products are pure, naturally-derived, free of harmful additives, vegan and cruelty free. Our ingredients consist of herbs, natural fragrances and cold pressed oils whose mention is found in Tibb, Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine.
We invite you to indulge in the guilt-free joy of using products that nourish your skin and hair.
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Hair Care

All Natural Almond Shampoo is made out of Pure Cold Pressed Almond Oil,Black Seed Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil,that will not only nourish your hair but also make it more shiny and strong.

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Body Care

Our natural Aluminium free deodorant actually works! Especially formulated with Mango butter to soothe sensitive underarms & infused with Lavender Essential Oil.

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Facial Care

Soap and Scrub in one!..This mild exfoliant is filled with the goodness of Activated Charcoal , Turmeric and Fuller's Earth.It helps in getting rid of toxins that lead to acne breakouts.

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DIY Salon

Now enjoy a salon treatment at home with our luxurious hair and skin care products.

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